Why I Can’t Constantly Travel And Own A Business

I can’t travel like I use to. On my first year of traveling around the world, Art of Backpacking wasn’t nearly as big and I had no other projects. I traveled and didn’t care about finding wifi. I’d stay in each city for just a few days and keep on moving to the next. I was hitting a new country every month. It was nice because I got to see a little bit of everything and now I know where I’d be comfortable staying for awhile if I decided to go back. In the end though, I was tired of moving around so quickly.

Now I have several websites and making money from several different directions online. It came at a good time too because I had run out of money at the time from what I had initially saved from my first year of traveling. I’m almost on year three of traveling and there’s no way I could travel like I used to.

I’m forced to stay at each location for at least a week in order to catch up with everything. Sometimes at least a month or more in apartments. There’s just no way I could work while being on buses, trains, finding hostels, and sightseeing.

Laptop Mess
My gear mess.

I’m now preferring to stay in destinations longer. We’re now in Buenos Aires for 3 months and trying to decide where to stay after this for a few months more. Lately the routine has been to stay in a city for a few months, make day trips, and after the lease is over – we travel for a month or so to a few different cities.

I feel less stressed about where to go next or finding working wifi. It was hell when there was scheduled conference calls and the internet could hardly load Google. A few times I had to run out of the hostel and find the nearest internet cafe minutes before the call. On our last Spreecast on teaching english abroad, I had to run around the city to try to get a decent wifi hotspot thirty minutes before it started because the wifi crapped out on me at the hostel.

I know I promote it often here to travel the world and many find it inspirational to become an entrepreneur themselves but sometimes it’s not as glamorous as you may think. I’m definitely not working on a beach (I want sand to be nowhere near this MacBook Pro). My best articles are written when I close myself shut in my room or at a cafe. It’s definitely better than the cubicle life but it DOES still mean I have to work a lot (more than I did in corporate America).

I thought I could productive here. That was a mistake.

For anyone planning to start a business and travel the world, my recommendation is to start it before you travel and have a whole lot saved up. Always have a backup plan!

It’s difficult sometimes to balance out travel and work. I feel like I’ve finally found that balance though and I like it.

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