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Ostello Bello Hostel Milan

It’s very rare for any hostel, especially those that are not chains, to be active on social media. Ostello Bello in Milan, Italy has close to 14,000 Facebook Likes. Most of their activity is followed by 100 likes and a few shares. They’re active and comments are frequently made. They also active on Twitter, Flickr, FourSquare, and YouTube. This has made them into one of the most popular hostels in Milan and coolest place to hang out even for the locals. Ostello Bello has been ranked one of the best hostels in Italy and in the world by HostelWorld. They’re topping the charts even on TripAdvisor.

So what is Ostello Bello doing differently than everyone else?

Ostello Bello Hostel

They have a wonderful hostel and here’s why.

1. I am ALWAYS exhausted when I check into a hostel. I hate the whole introduction and showing me around the hostel ordeal. I usually just want to throw my bags on the ground and do nothing. So what this hostel decided to do was provide a free welcome drink of any kind to anyone first checking-in. I ordered a beer and they told me to go sit on the table and relax while filling out the check-in form. It was a nice easy way to check-in without feeling rushed.

2. They have two huge common areas. There’s more than enough tables, chairs, couches, and places to hangout. They are far from the rooms so the loudness doesn’t disturb anyone.

Ostello Bello Hostel

3. They have a fully stocked bar with a variety of beers and wines to choose from. This flows for as long as you want it to. The bar never closes for those staying at the hostel. And if you’re looking for a deal, 5euros can get you a drink AND food during happy hour. Happy hour is when the party really gets going. The pictures you’re seeing were in the morning because it was too difficult to take pictures when the place was packed and I was having too much fun.

4. Locals are allowed to hang out in the common areas but they need a keycard to use the elevator or stairs. They get a lot of locals that come in to party at the hostel. The locals usually come in groups and add to the party atmosphere. Usually they stay to themselves but that’s not always the case and you’ll find yourself talking to a few locals at the table sometimes. Everyone not staying at the hostel must leave by 11pm or 12, which I think is smart.

The week we were there was louder than usual apparently. If you’re looking for a quiet hostel, this might not be for you although the rooms themselves are very much quiet but that just depends on who’s in your dorm room too.

Ostello Bello Hostel

5. The wifi actually works and it’s fast. Plenty of room to put your laptop down. Unfortunately they don’t have enough outlets, which is the case in all the hostels I’ve been to.

6. They have an amazing fully equipped and clean kitchen that leads to a balcony. During the spring and summertime, they grow their own spice garden. Need some basil? Just pick it from outside and add it to your dish.

Ostello Bello Hostel

Most hostels don’t see the point in having a Facebook page since they think many of their guests may never come back but they forget about the other benefits of having a page. It’s also a memory. I’ve liked hostels on Facebook where I had a good time because I like to see what they’re up to and how travelers are having fun there. Ostello Bello posts pictures of travelers having fun, food they’re cooking, events happening at their hostel and in Milan, and other random activities happening over there. It’s fun to go through their timeline and all their pictures. And who knows, maybe I’ll be back.

I can prove to you how great this hostel is just by linking to their Facebook page so you can see for yourself.

Ostello Bello Hostel

[disclosure]My stay in Ostello Bello was comped in exchange for review. They did not force me to have a good time and I paid for all my drinks. All opinions are my own, obviously.[/disclosure]

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