We’re Moving to Mexico!

Stephanie messages me on Facebook while she was in New York and I was in DC and says “hey, you wanna move to Mexico?” We talked about it for about 15 minutes and made the decision to move there for 6 months starting in October. Sometimes our travel plans are made a bit randomly, like the time we were in Ecuador and decided to fly the next morning to Buenos Aires to stay there for three months. Since we’ll be newly married, we thought it would make for a pretty good long honeymoon before we settle somewhere else for a longer period of time.

Where in Mexico?

We have no idea but we’re landing in Puerto Vallarta and scouting for either a house or an apartment. We have our eyes on Sayulita but it really be anywhere. All we know is that we must be near a beach. I’ve never been to Sayulita but it sounds it would be a great place to live for a little while and get a lot of work done.

There’s going to be other travel bloggers in the area as well which will be nice to know a few people. During the initial 15 minutes of deciding whether to move to Mexico, we read what all the other travel bloggers have said about the area and decided based on that as well.

View up towards top of town – Flickr Creative Commons by Steve Bissonnette

Why Mexico?

Because I haven’t seen enough of Mexico and because Argentinian bureaucracy. I’m still in the process of getting my Italian citizenship and the last papers I need are in Argentina and still processing. Mexico is close to the US and flights to NYC is relatively cheap if I need to make a flight to complete any paper work.

Another reason is because it’s really inexpensive for us. There’s some beautiful houses for rent that cost only $500USD a month. We’ll be able to work really hard and save money to make our bigger move to Europe the following year.

For Stephanie it’s mostly because of tacos.

Bologna, Italy -- We'll see you soon, I promise!
Bologna, Italy — We’ll see you soon, I promise!

What happened to moving to Italy?

It’s still happening. We just have to wait for the final paperwork for my Italian citizenship and then we’ll be moving to Italy (or anywhere in Europe if we want). I think we’ll be there around April. So the plan would be we get back in March from Mexico, stay a few weeks visiting family, then move to Europe. Like we did for our decision to Mexico, anything can change so our plans by 2014 might be different by the time it comes around.

What I’m doing in Mexico

I’m starting a new large project but it’s going to require a lot of dedicated computer time. It’s a secret for now. But I will tell you that for a huge part of my time in Mexico, it will consists of mostly programming and learning code. I’m taking my programming skills to the next level and learning as much as I possibly can. Since the cost of living in Mexico will be cheap, I don’t have to worry as much as I usually do about working to create income right away.

I’ll be traveling around Mexico and perhaps some of Central America during our 6 month honeymoon but I think most of our time there will be spent living locally and staying in one place. I can’t wait to buy our fruits and vegetables at the local market, run along the beach in the morning, get back into surfing, and get to know the community. I want it to feel like home because honestly I can’t get any work done if I’m constantly traveling. I need a place where I can chill out for awhile.

[question]Have you been to Puerto Vallarta? Have any recommendations for us? Where should we move to in Mexico?[/question]

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