Karaoke, Shopping, and Thanksgiving

This is Xi’an, China.


I had no idea I’d enjoy singing so much. Last weekend we went out with a few of our students to a Karaoke place nearby. The night started at 8pm with 3 students and 4 teachers. We finish at 4am with 10 other students. Myself and another two of our students were the last remaining ones singing while everyone else was passing out on the couch. It’s a private room with a small light show and decent sound system as if it were a mini club just for us.  This has been I believe my forth time at Karaoke since I got to China and I love it. One of my motivations to learn Mandarin is to be able to sing at least one Chinese song with ease.

I’m on the left and my friend Remy is on the right. We’re singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ while fans take pictures of us.

Serious Shopping

I’m done Christmas shopping! A friend of mine introduced me to an enormous shopping area called North West Light-duty Wholesale Market. One building took an entire city block that had over 5 floors of just clothes. The building I spent the most time in had mostly souvenirs, stationery, and other random items. There was even an entire section of just Christmas stores which I thought would be hard to find here. In the same area the previous week, I ordered new glasses and finally picked them up yesterday. I purchased my old pair in Peru and they totally screwed up my prescription. It’s amazing how new glasses can make you feel. I can finally read endlessly without headaches for a total of 600RMB.

Shopping in Xi'an, China
Shopping in Xi’an, China

There’s a building just for tea. The scent upon entering is as if you were in an enclosed botanical garden. There’s a few floors and dozens of stores selling everything tea or tea related. There’s rows of ladies with large platters in front of them breaking up all the tea to sell. Within 5 minutes inside the building, we’re invited to sit down for some tea at no cost. Luckily my friend knows Chinese so we were able to have a decent conversation. I drink green tea often and I’m told green tea is not good for health during the winter. Not exactly sure why though. We sat with them for about 30 minutes drinking tea. My head was spinning from the amount I drank. The hospitality in China has always been incredible.

Tea shops
Tea shops


I had turkey in China for Thanksgiving! I met Charlie from the Hostel Management forums. Myself and my friend Tom met Charlie on Thanksgiving day and he brought us to where turkey can be found downtown. We went to an Italian restaurant called Colabo that has been serving turkey only for that week. The prices are extremely high but the setting and food is rare for this part of China. We ate baked Turkey with stuffing, two orders of Pizza, two orders of Garlic bread, and a Caesar Salad. For three people, the feast cost us 310RMB spending 100RMB a person. That’s a lot for China but the meal itself was incredible and we were amazed to be using silverware again.Afterwards, we continued our American day and went for Baskin-Robins for 28RMB for two scopes on a cone. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! It was an expensive but great night.

Charlie and I on Thanksgiving
Charlie and I on Thanksgiving

I’m excited about these updates and hope to keep up with these for awhile. Let me know what you think.

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