VR is the Future

I pre-ordered an Oculus Rift for $600 and I’m incredibly excited. I watched the countdown tick on January 6th to 8 am PT as I hit F5 often. As I ordered my Rift, I took a step back and realized I’m witnessing history. It sounds melodramatic but I think it’s true. I just pre-ordered the first consumer-ready virtual reality that will hit mass market and change technology forever.

If you’ve never tried VR, please try it. Go to a friends house that has an Oculus Rift DK2 or HTC Vive. By April (after the release of Rift and Vive) there’s going to be a lot more devices out there and a better chance of you finding a friend that has one.

With VR we’re going to be connected in ways you never could have imaged seeing in your lifetime. It’ll change gaming forever but more importantly, our everyday lives. You’ll be able to virtually attend school from anywhere in the world, virtually time travel to any major event in history and see what it was like, virtually transport you to a hangout among other friends while watching Netflix on a giant movie screen personally made for you and your friends, co-work with your coworkers in a virtual office space. Once you try on VR, your imagination will explode with ideas on all the different use cases this could be good for.

To prepare for this amazing future, I’ve been very involved in the VR community locally and online for a long time. I’m learning Unreal Engine and Unity Engine to create my own worlds and have experimented with WebVR for a virtual web. I really enjoy all things VR and can’t wait to see where this all leads us.

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