Two Great Jobs To Have Online and Work On The Road

There’s so much opportunity online, it’s ridiculous. There’s no longer a need for an office for many jobs and people are simply working from home or on the road. Some positions are in more demand than others though and obviously depends on your skill sets. It does take awhile to learn but the payoff is fantastic if you have a passion for it.

Now with software like Skype or Google Voice and Hangouts, you can have an entire conference meeting and never meet your clients or boss in person.



I’m a self-taught programmer. As I continue to learn, I realize how much opportunity is out there for me. I started selling my services on Art of Traveling.

This is one position that I feel will never die and will always be in demand. Especially now with mobile development of Apps becoming so popular, it’s a great time to learn. There’s so many resources on getting started too.

According to, the median expected salary for a typical Programmer I in the United States is $54,160. Depending how well you market yourself and how much experience you have, you could earn a whole lot more being independent and taking jobs on your own. Or you could just create the software yourself and sell it.

Interested in getting started? Try Codecademy or Youtube and start learning. I found a lot of the video tutorials are by teenagers that know more than I do about programming!


Graphic Designer

I hear it all the time from other travel bloggers looking to redesign their logo or entire website. There’s a huge market out there for graphic designers. I design WordPress Thesis themes and its worked great for me.

Hop & Jaunt is a good example of two travel bloggers who design for a living. You’ve probably seen their designs on other travel bloggers and perhaps never noticed (Twenty-Something Travel). Never Ending Voyage is another good example.


The Key Is To Sell Your Services

Whatever it is that you’re good at, sell it. Are you good at SEO, social media, or writing? Create a profile for yourself with your own domain and start looking for clients. The first few clients you’ll end up spending more time than you thought. As as you get use to the job, you’ll start to work more efficiently.

As I travel around the USA, I plan on using Skillshare as well to host my classes.

What do you do online to keep you traveling?

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