The US Has The Best Beers in The World

I’m about to punch this guy from Brussels in the face. He said exactly this “the US only makes lager and all your beer is horrible.” As a Beer Aficionado, I took this to heart. I asked him if he had ever been to the US. He said no. Then I asked which beers from the US he has had. Not surprisingly they were Bud, Miller, etc. That infuriated me. He clearly had no idea what he was talking about. He had never been to the US and was quick to judge all of the beer. What bothered me most was that he actually knew a thing or two about beer and making beer and yet still did not know a single thing about American beer.

Lakefront Brewery
Lakefront Brewery

In his defense, Belgium has incredible beer. In fact, the US has been importing boat loads of hops from Belgium to supply the demand of the IPA-craze that seems to be happening here.

The thing is, he’s not the only one that has been quick to judge American beer. Most travelers I’ve met outside of the US does’t seem to realize how great the beers are in the US. The second I mention that the US has great beers, they raise an eyebrow as if expecting a just kidding.

Roughdraft Brewery
Roughdraft Brewery

Why do so many people think that US beers are horrible? Here’s why:

1. We don’t export the good stuff. Many of the breweries are so local that they tend to stay within their own city or state. There’s quite a few national microbreweries as well but they still don’t export outside of the US. If you’ve never had good American beer outside of the US, how are you supposed to know that it’s good in the US?

2. Anheuser-Busch InBev (beers like Budweiser) and SABMiller (beers like Miller) have been long considered American beer and they’ve reached every part of the world imaginable. Even if you’ve never been to the US, chances are you’ve had this beer.

3. Prohibition hurt us badly. For years we only produced cheap watered down beers. While Europe was flourishing in beer production, we were lagging behind. Now although we produce quality beer, our name hasn’t fully covered. The watered down version became popular and well known throughout the US and then the world after that. What confuses me is that so few people consider Holland to make bad beer and yet Heineken can also be found in every part of the world.

Why are the beers so good?

We’ve seen a huge demand for quality beers in the last couple years. According to Brewers Association we have 2,483 craft breweries in the US. The craft beer industry is booming here.


I think most of the world does’t realize that there’s been a huge beer revolution in the US. American craft breweries are reinventing the beer industry using ingredients outside of the old European traditions. We have variety and we have a lot of it. We’ve put our own spin on the beers and created something unique not found anywhere else in the world. Breweries and brewmasters within Europe are now importing American craft beers and learning from the creativity of the breweries. I love the beers in Europe but I think right now the US is leading in making among the best beers in the world.

I have a mission to tell the world that the US has the best beers in the world because it’s true. Share this article and tell the world.

[question]What are your favorite microbreweries in the US?[/question]

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