The Art of Roaming Cooking

On my first year around the world, I cooked five or so dishes on repeat at the hostels. I sucked at cooking and those five dishes I learned from what other people were making at the hostels. I was jealous that everyone at the kitchen seemed to know what they were doing and cooked delicious meals so quickly and easily. What’s worse is that I never knew what to cook when I was a guest while couch-surfing.  I eventually I learned a few more dishes after a few years on the road. Now I feel more comfortable cooking simple dishes at the hostels. I still have a lot to learn though.

It’s a difficult skill to learn how to cook simple dishes that don’t require many ingredients and still be delicious. Because we’re constantly traveling and moving from hostel to hostel, we can’t really carry many ingredients. Perhaps a few spices here and there but not much more than that. The tricky thing is is that it’s by far cheaper to cook your own meals in Europe than going out to eat. After all, we’re trying to stretch our money as far as possible.

Hostel Kitchen
The kitchen at Ostello Bello Hostel in Milan, Italy

So what do we cook when we’re on the road?

Introducing your guide to 50+ dishes that don’t require more than 5 steps to make, Art of Roaming Cooking.

The Art of Roaming Cooking will ensure that you have a variety of recipes at your fingertips – making it easier to cook with a variety of fresh ingredients and less likely to be tempted to purchase ‘convenience meals’. You will also be less likely to waste money on left over ingredients that you don’t have space to store or carry.

It’s the backpackers dream ebook.

roaming cooking

There’s so many recipes in this ebook that even for the most savvy chefs, you’ll be inspired by this ebook to cook up new dishes you haven’t thought of. There’s a few familiar dishes that you probably never thought would be so easy to make or never thought about making it on the road too.

It’s simple to understand, most of the ingredients can be easily found anywhere in the world, and many of the dishes are healthy. It’s the ebook every traveler needs.

I wish the images of the dishes were larger and in better quality but if we had higher quality images for every dish, it would make the PDF file huge so it’s understandable. I think more pictures on their website on the kind of recipes in the ebook might be a nice addition. It would probably bring in more sales.

[question]Check out Art of Roaming Cooking and let us know what is your favorite recipe to cook on the road.[/question]

[disclosure]I received a complimentary copy of the ebook for review. All opinions are obviously my own and I honestly did use to suck at cooking. I receive a cut if you purchase the ebook with my links so please support. I would greatly appreciate it. And you’ll support two independent travelers in one![/disclosure]

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