Thailand is what Happens When You’re Not Making Other Plans

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may have noticed that I don’t have an itinerary posted anywhere. I didn’t even know I was going to have the two months of January and February off when I took my part time job. I’m an English teacher in Xi’an, China. The plan was to stay in China and only make small trips to the surrounding cities I haven’t been to. I LOVE Thailand and knew one day I’d be going back but it never came across my mind that it’d be for New Years Eve.

So what happened?

The most obvious, unexpected thing in the world: I met a girl.

The traveling lifestyle isn’t easy if you’re looking for a steady relationship. I was accepting the fact that having a relationship would prove to be difficult and nonexistent because of my nomadic lifestyle. I was proved wrong. The Travel Blog Exchange conference in NYC came along and put around two hundred travel bloggers in one room; a room full of people that loves to travel as much as I do. One girl caught my attention more than anyone else and we began to talk.

Initially we began to talk before TBEX on Twitter after I posted the cost of my RTW trip on my other blog which is now posted here. A few messages were sent on how I thought Australia was too expensive. Neither of us can remember who sent the initial Facebook friend request but I do remember saying to myself how hot I thought she was. We met at TBEX and the talk eventually fell for what it is today which is love.

Our first photo together at TBEX
Our first photo together at TBEX

It’s her passion to travel that is so similar to mine, independence to do what makes her happy, so free spirited, really funny, and has the same philosophy on life as I do. A girl that sees the world through the same eyes and wants to experience it the same way as I do. I couldn’t possibly feel any more lucky, grateful, and happy to have found someone so incredible.

And the bonus: she’s smoking hot. Did I mention she’s a travel blogger as well? Double hot.

Where are we going?

We’re meeting again on December 26th in Bangkok, arriving at the airport nearly at the same time. She was here in China with me for awhile and is currently in Australia for two months while I finish the semester teaching.

For New Years Eve, we’ll be in Bangkok. From there, we plan to go to the south of Thailand and hang out on the beaches island hopping and attending the Full Moon Party in January. Afterwards, it’ll be Vietnam starting in the south and going north. I’ll need to be back in Xi’an, China sometime on or before March 1st to finish my last semester teaching for another four months. That’s all we have figured out so far. It’s pretty opened ended for whatever happens which is how we love to travel.

Our plan for the months and years after? That’s way too far ahead (we’ve hardly planned the next two months) but we have a general idea to basically cross every part of the world. Just seeing where the road takes us. One of my favorite parts of travel and life in general is how random and unexpected it can be. Big big smiles on my end.

I’m a lucky guy…

Who wants to party with us in Bangkok?

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