The Struggles of Getting My Italian Citizenship

I’ve been through hell and back since 2011 to get all the required paperwork to Italy for my Italian Citizenship through jure sanguinis. It’s been an interesting journey so far. I continue to struggle getting the last remaining documents from Argentina that Italy requires.

I’ve hired to obtain the documents that proves neither my grandmother nor my mother were ever citizens of Argentina but the company has been unresponsive and unhelpful. They were very responsive when they wanted the cash and other documents though. I had to show proof to them that my mother and grandmother are either alive or dead (I don’t know why this matters) to get the other documents proving their status in Argentina. Documents to get documents, it’s been a cycle.

Item number 3 from my original post has been completed. Item 1 can only be completed once item 2 is finished and I send ALL my documents back to Argentina to get approved again.

Learn more about my experiences on the QiRanger podcast below. I was a guest of the show. Pressing play will put you right to the interview.

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