STM Bags Review

Although I’ve changed the name of the site, I’m still a backpack hoarder. I have a lot of backpacks and I have to admit, my new STM backpack is pretty sweet. This might replace all my other bags as my new day bag.

STM Impulse

STM impulse medium laptop backpack

By far my favorite part of the bag is where the laptop is located. Rather than placing the laptop on the back side of the backpack, it’s in a separate compartment and more in the front. It’s difficult to detect where the laptop is located so it’s great against those that are digging in to steal something. On the backside in the same compartment you have an extra slot for a tablet. That entire compartment is padded on both sides thus keeping things safe.

In a another compartment, there’s the general area to put the rest of your things. The front of the backpack isn’t padded but I can fit my dSLR in there well although it wasn’t made for cameras. I would have liked a separate compartment for my dSLR camera but I’d imagine it would increase the size of the bag by quite a bit.

STM impulse

The orange a little flashier than I’d like it to be. The orange outline is nice and cool but the last thing I often want is for my bag to stand out. They do sell the all black version which I probably would rather travel with.

The pockets and compartments in the bag keeps everything organized and safe. The padding on the backside and inside are more than most bags I’ve seen while still keeping the bag soft and lightweight. The bag is thin and doesn’t allow for a lot of stretching to overpack. However this also allows for greater comfort and durability in the backpack.

Laptop Sleeves

STM blazer extra small laptop sleeve

Last year I dropped my MacBook Pro on the sidewalk without a sleeve. It’s got a nice dent and since then my laptop has been slowly declining in performance. I’ve been through several sleeves and cases and I never felt 100% safe with any of them. The blazer laptop sleeve has everything I’d expect out of a laptop sleeve. It’s well padded on all sides which would have saved me last year. There’s a large pocket with a zipper on the side that easily fits many cables and my charger. And a regular pocket where I usually put random quick things like the strap.

Note that this laptop sleeve is too big to fit inside the STM Impulse backpack. When traveling with my STM Impulse bag, I use the neoprene sleeve.

The neoprene sleeve keeps my laptop safe from bumps, scratches, and dust. It’s incredibly soft on the inside. It’s not going to save me from a huge fall but that’s what the backpack is for. It’s thin and quick to access. There’s no pockets and should be used in combination with a backpack.

STM glove large MacBook Pro laptop sleeve



[disclosure]I received the STM products for free in exchange for coverage. All opinions are obviously my own. Yes, I really do love this bag.[/disclosure]

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