Staying on the Other Side of NYC

The last stop on the 2 and 5 train is Brooklyn College. Prior to our recent visit to NYC, I’ve never stayed that far in Brooklyn. It takes more than 40 minutes just to get into Manhattan on the subway and that’s if we’re lucky with no transfers due to maintenance. This was a new part of the city I didn’t know at all.

We rented an apartment in New York City for a few days thanks to Wimdu. We were visiting because of Meet Plan Go and to see a few friends. I’m very familiar with NYC having grown up in NJ but this made me realize there’s still so much to see in the city.

Perhaps it’s that I’m not that great of a photographer but I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t know what to take a picture of. The area was interesting and not somewhere I would have gone to for just walking around in NYC. Not much to see really and it’s more about the actual neighborhood than any specific attraction.

We got to know the area pretty well in just the 5 days we were there. A 30 minute walk to one of the best pizza’s we’ve had at a place called Di Fara’s, Target was just five minutes away, and the neighborhood had a selection of deli’s we often went to for breakfast and/or lunch because New York’s bagels are the best. Everyone walking by were probably locals. There was no reason for any tourist to come here unless they’ve rented the same apartment. I’m always looking to stay local whenever I’m abroad so why not do that when I’m in my own country? Rent an apartment in New York City if you want to something a bit different than the regular hotels in the middle of downtown.

After coming back each night from a long walk around the city, we sat on our couch and watched a few Netflix movies on a big screen and Wii.

NYC Apartment

Have you ever stayed somewhere on vacation that was far from the city center attractions?

Wimdu gifted me with free nights stay in NYC. All opinions are my own.

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