Speed Boat Dance Party

Speedboat in Rotterdam

Who would have thought that Rotterdam would have so many adventurous activities. I had no idea. Across the street from the Euromast where I went abseiling is the river where you can get on a speedboat, blast some music, and see Rotterdam from a different viewpoint. The boat goes pretty damn fast and it’s a bumpy ride. We nearly laughed and screamed the entire time. I was also with some good friends which made it more fun as we cheered and raised our hands.

As the sun was shining and we were laughing and enjoying the ride through Rotterdam I thought to myself, my life is pretty great.


  • Funjet
  • Where: Rotterdam, Holland
  • You must make a reservation on the Funjet website, by e-mail  by phone or at the restaurant Zwarte Zwaan.
  • The Fun Jet only departs if six or more passagers have booked.
  • The ride lasts for about 20 minutes.
  • On different days, times or during other months, bookings can be made on request for groups of at least 6 passengers
  • Funjet 20 minutes Tour €28,50, Funjet + Lasergame package €44,50, Funjet + Dinner package, from €46,45, Funjet + Rum tasting package €53,50, Funjet + Abseil package €89,00.


[disclosure]A travel blogger in our group won a group ticket in a raffle. I was invited along with the others in the group.[/disclosure]

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