Review: P^cubed – Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

It’s my favorite and most comfortable pair of pants in my backpack right now. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had something this comfortable. Not only do they fit well but they look good on me. I hate money belts so I’m happy to see there’s finally a pants I could stash away important things without having to wear those ugly things.

Clothing Arts designed the P^cubed collection after being pick-pocked in Xi’an, China. I lived in Xi’an for a year and it’s a common problem. With these pants, I could walk comfortably in Xi’an without ever having to worry.

P^Cubed in China

I got sent a Adventure Traveler Pants. I’m really impressed with the fit and fabric of the pants. It was designed with attention to detail. The hidden passport pocket in the rear is so well hidden that I couldn’t not find where the pocket was. Someone would need to steal the pants itself to get anything out of me. It’s even got cut resistant pockets so you’ll have to get the pants off of me first.

Even if you’re not worried about pick-pockets, it’s great having the zippers on the pockets as to not worry about things falling out of the pockets.

I absolutely love these pants.

Some features include:

  • Mid-Weight 25% Nylon 75% Cotton Canvas – Feels and Wears like Cotton with the 10lb Tearing Strength of Nylon – its Bomb Proof!
  • Advanced Dual Action DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector – Repel Oil/Water & Release Stains.
  • Select Your Level of Security – the Function of 4 Money-Belts Right at Your Fingertips!
  • Side Cargo – Expandable Double Thick Double Secure Cut-Resistant Cargo Pockets

P^Cubed Pants

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