40 Reasons to Backpack China

I know how much you all love lists. I thought it’d be funny to try to think of as many reasons as I could on why you should backpack China. I could have extend this list to the thousands but I’ll do your internet browser a favor and not make it that long. There is no order and it was written randomly as more came to mind.

  1. Celebrity status: People will want to take pictures with/of you, talk to you, and do anything to make your stay in China wonderful.
  2. Most hostels will pick you up from the train station for free. I’ve had hostels email me after I booked online if I needed to be picked up.
  3. Eat what another 1.4 billion people have been eating. Trust me when I tell you they are doing something right when it comes to food.
  4. Food: Sweet and sour lean pork pieces (Pinyin: Tong Cu Li Ji Chinese: 糖醋里脊) My first and still one of my favorite dishes in China.
  5. Food is CHEAP to the dollar if you eat like a local.
  6. Food: Pork slivers (Pinyin: Yu xiang rou si Chinese: 鱼香肉丝), I can never get sick of this dish.
  7. You will feel away from any sort of backpacking trail.
  8. If you plan on going to SE Asia next, you’ll likely always be the only person at the hostel that has been to China. People will want to know how it was
  9. Opportunity to learn the the worlds most spoken language, Mandarin.
  10. It costs 4RMB for 1 liter bottle of beer.
  11. Most meals will cost you less than 20RMB. 5RMB for a delosious meal? Yes, please.
  12. Food: Baozi (steamed filled bun) for breakfast starts the day amazingly well. It costs me 3RMB for six of them.
  13. Every province will feel as if you’ve entered a new country.
  14. Tiger Leaping Gorge has some of the most amazing views.
  15. Hike the Great Wall of China.
  16. Sleeper trains in China are comfortable and affordable.
  17. Most hostels in China are designed well and usually have fantastic service.
  18. The language barrier is not as bad as you may think it is.
  19. Food: Jiaozi ! (Dumplings)
  20. You’ll learn how to say just about anything using only your hands. The universal language of body movements.
  21. Pandas!
  22. Learn martial arts on top of mountains with stunning views.
  23. In every car ride, feel the rush of coming close to death.
  24. Getting invited to eat out with a local Chinese and have the best time of your life. Expect to spend two or three hours eating and drinking.
  25. Karaoke !!! They take it serious in China. Private booth and incredible service at most venues.
  26. Be prepared to be invited into random Karaoke rooms because the Chinese are dying to hear you sing.
  27. There’s another level of random in China that you can’t find anywhere else on earth. It will provide you adventures you never would have imagined.
  28. Sometimes you’ll be the first person he/she has ever seen a foreigner in person.
  29. Never in your life will you pose for so many pictures. Practice your peace sign.
  30. Take shots of Chinese alcohol called Baijiu and feel like death.
  31. China is big. There is a lot to see.
  32. Beijing parks are beautiful.
  33. Buy two Snickers bars, get a battery free
  34. Musical Fountain Show in Xi’an, China
  35. Not as many drunken foreigners running around.
  36. Easy to wander around Chinese cities and just people watch.
  37. Transportation from one city to another is simple. Trains are convenient.
  38. Mostly friendly travelers looking to tag along with other travelers. You need to be open minded for China and this probably contributes to it.
  39. Thousands of years of history. Ruins and temples galore.
  40. Friendly people…
Hot pot in China
Who could ever say no to this food? It looks so good!
Dumplings! (Jiaozi)
Dumplings! (Jiaozi)

Can you think of more?

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