Ostia Antica: The Ancient Roman City You Can Feel

Ostia Antica was a thriving city outside of  ancient Rome. Most of the buildings are from 3rd century BC. Today Ostia Antica is a well preserved huge archeological site and is often missed when tourists visit Rome.

Stephanie and I had a private tour of Ostia Antica and learned more about the ancient city than what we could possibly remember. I love history but that was intense. The city is so well preserved that when you walk around, you could almost feel what it was like back then. There’s the residence buildings, bathrooms, bar, markets, and spa. It’s super impressive but I wouldn’t have made out any of those places without a tour guide or some brochure to point these things out.

We only spent a few hours but I was exhausted by the end of it. You could spend days here and still discover new things. It’s not as massive as Anchor Wat in Cambodia but it has similarities in that it’s overwhelming.

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[disclosure]Disclosure: Walks of Italy provided a comped tour for review. All opinions are my own.[/disclosure]

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