I have officially been recognized as an Italian!

It has been a long and crazy process. I made my first call to the consulate in June 2011 to make the appointment to become recognized as an Italian citizen. Since then it has been a struggle getting paperwork, waiting patiently, and trying to reach out to the right people. I am happy to announce however that I’m now officially recognized as an Italian citizen.

This won’t change our┬áplans right now though. We’re still in Seattle and we plan to stay here for awhile. Initially we had planned on moving to Bologna, Italy but the process took many more years than we expected. We had no idea when this process was going to finish and we couldn’t wait around to settle. It does mean we have the freedom to live in Europe whenever we choose to. I imagine in a few years we’ll travel and live all around Europe.

A special thank you to my family for supporting and helping me through this process. This wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of everyone coming together to find hard to get paperwork from the US and Argentina.

I am also extremely grateful for a wonderful grandmother that is alive and well in my life right now. She was born in Italy and made all of this possible.

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I guess I better start learning Italian…

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