Most Beautiful Hot Springs in Europe

The ones listed below are surrounded by nature and have been used for its many health benefits for years. Most are relatively inexpensive to experience and could be a nice break between all the traveling. Spas are definitely not just for the rich and they’re all open to the public. Some of these hot springs hold hundreds of years of history that has shaped the culture of its neighboring towns or even nation.

Lake Hévíz, Hungary

Lake Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in the world. The water temperature stays between 26 to 36 degrees depending on the season. The rapid movements of water completely replenishes the entire lake every few days. It is believed that the lake has many health benefits and thus bringing in a slew of health tourism to the area.  The water contains alkaline hydrocarbonate and is slightly radioactive. Fauna and flora are unique to this area as well as several species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Hévíz Lake
Hévíz Lake by Scarygami, on Flickr

Blue Lagoon, Grindavík, Iceland

A man-made beautiful hot spring that looks more like you’re on having a bath on the moon. It was created by the overflow of pumped seawater 6,000 feet underground to create electricity for a neighboring power plant into a natural lava field. The Blue Lagoon has turned into Iceland’s most visited attraction. Much like Lake Hévíz, The Blue Lagoon also has many health benefit, most notably for the skin. There’s a Research and Development facility in the area that looks into finding cures for other skin ailments.

Bath, United Kingdom

Britain’s only natural hot springs and a well suited name for a town that’s held the title since 863BC. There’s a lot of history in Bath and even in the spa itself. One of the spa’s played a major role in provoking the Revolution of 1688. Since 1987, the City of Bath has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for it’s neoclassical Palladian buildings and Roman baths. There’s a number of spa’s in Bath that offer hot springs. Unfortunately, you can’t bath in the Roman baths but the ruins and museum is worth a visit. There’s a number of spa deals in Bath as well.

The Roman Baths at Bath
The Roman Baths at Bath by Liminae, on Flickr

Pantelleria, Italy

A small island that can be driven all the way around in an hour. It’s on the south of Italy near Sicily. Pantelleria island is frequently visited for its tourism by Europeans. One of the main attractions is Specchio di Venere or Venus’ Mirror.  This bright blue beautiful lake is covered in sulfure and rich in sulfure. Perfect for covering yourself in mud which is said to have many health benefits. Another attraction is a Neolithic village.

Laghetto di Venere a Pantelleria
Laghetto di Venere a Pantelleria by maxbrambi, on Flickr

Icaria, Greece

Icaria island has a radioactive hot spring that has been used since 4th century BCE. The surrounding area has remains of Roman baths from ancient Therma. It’s claimed to the most health benefits compared to any other hot springs in the world. The city of Therma is the capital of Icaria island and holds a lot of history and museums.

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