Is Travel The Easy Way Out?

Today’s guest post is by stevewade from the TravelPod forums. He wrote a topic that created some interesting opinions. Is travel the easy way out? He agreed we could share his thread here and is looking for more feedback on what others think as well. The thread has great discussions and is definitely worth a read. One opinion in particular that I liked is what ScottWoz said.

“I know so so many people who choose to live an unfulfilled 9-5 clockwork existence and complain and complain about it. Yet they continue to sit around marinating in it. They are simply scared, which is perfectly natural and definitely not a criticism. And OBVIOUSLY I’m not criticising staying put in a place and working hard either. I did it for ten years in one place and now I do it intermittently on the road. Like Sianeth said ‘Each to their own’and all that. It’s just the times I hear the constant chirping about being lucky just ribs me. Luck? Grow up. Choice, yes.”

With Meet, Plan, Go coming up next month, I felt this couldn’t have been brought up at a better time. Below is the threads topic.

This is something I’ve been thinking about recently. A lot of people particularly parents for example think that when their kids choose to take a gap year or go traveling around the world for a pro-longed period of time instead of settling down, getting a job and starting a career etc that they are ‘taking the easy way out’ and going galavanting and enjoying themselves choosing fun over the ‘real’ world so to speak. So many people see traveling as some silly little thing for people who don’t want to take control of their lives or have responsibilities.

When you actually think about it, finding a career / job is the easy option. It’s the people who left education and went straight into their career that have taken the most obvious route, they did something that everyone does. It’s not a difficult decision to make, you just find a job and work. It’s not something that requires much thought or planning generally. It’s certainly not something that takes much courage to do. It’s the people who choose not to take a career break and travel but continue with the 9-5 daily grind all their lives who have taken the easiest option.

Where as taking a year out for traveling requires a lot of courage. You need to be determined, independent, very sure of yourself and the decision you’re about to make, confident that you can go away for such a long period of time in far away and foreign places and it takes a bit of forward thinking and planning. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

So many people see travel as the simple option or the ‘easy way out’ but is it?

Opinions please…

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