Introducing: Matero

As if I’m not already busy enough, I’m happy to announce a new business venture, Matero selling yerba mate. The name comes from the Spanish meaning which translate to someone who drinks mate.

I grew up drinking yerba mate. I have happy memories of my family coming together and drinking it throughout the day. The cup would be passed around and everyone would sit together chatting. No matter where we were, there was always someone that brought all the tools to share mate together. This meant it came with us on all vacations too.

The tradition and drink is alive and well in South America and seems to be picking up in popularity around the world. Many have heard about yerba mate but often people are afraid to try it, don’t know how to prepare it, or don’t have the tools to make it. Yerba mate does not have the same market saturation as coffee or regular tea. I hope to change that with Matero.

I have experience selling digital services in eCommerce but this marks the first time I’m selling something for the physical world. I’m excited for the learning opportunities this brings and to try new things that have not applied to selling digital goods.

It’ll take some time to coordinate with potential suppliers before I can open it’s doors. You can follow along on the site and subscribe to the newsletter or Facebook.

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