Introducing: Bologna Living

I remember talking to Jeremy Jones, founder of Living The Dream RTW, about his success with his new business Discover the Burgh while we were at TravelCon. Although it’s a new business, he has found success much faster by focusing on a niche local market.

This is not a surprise to travel bloggers but so few of us actually do it. It’s a combination of being in the right place at the right time and settling somewhere long enough to dedicate a whole new business to it. Most well-traveled cities are saturated with niche blogs too. Just look at NYC neighborhood blogs.

We’ve been in Bologna for a little over a year and feel like I know my way around the city well. There’s still so much to discover though and it’s never boring here, While not a giant city, it has most of the perks big cities enjoy. We love it. It’s impossible for us to say we’ll be here forever but we also don’t have plans on leaving anytime soon.

Bologna Living

Inspired by Medellin Living, I decided to start a niche site dedicated to Bologna, Italy in English called Bologna Living. There are very few resources available for expats in English for Bologna. You’ll find thousands of blogs talking about the same places to visit and eat but that’s not always helpful for long-term expats. I’ve learned a lot already by living here. I’m excited about sharing my experience and forming a community in this beautiful city that has welcomed my family to call it home.

I look forward to combining my blogging and eCommerce skills towards this. I realize I could easily become overwhelmed with this and which may lead to burn-out before it got much traction. That’s why I decided to start small. It’s not much right now but I hope to grow it overtime as I learn and discover more of Bologna.

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