I Started Twitch Streaming

I decided to start something a bit different. I started a Twitch channel and will be streaming myself playing video games.

The username/brand I created is TrvlMike and have renamed all my social channels and the site to this new branding. I went with this brand name because I’m still extremely passionate about travel. Plus it’s easy to remember and the handle wasn’t taken anywhere.

It may seem counter-intuitive to talk about travel behind a video game, but I think this is a great medium. It’s an extremely casual stream where we talk about the world, food, destinations, and travel while playing our favorite games. It’s fairly common for a streamer to have a niche topic they are interested in be one of the focuses of their stream, but this may be the only one that combines travel and video games.

You won’t find me competing in esports, screaming into the mic, in a bikini, or cursing endlessly. It’s a casual, easy-going stream with music in the background.


Why not! I’m already playing these games, so why not do it in front of an audience and have fun with it. It’s fun to interact with folks with similar interest as myself.

I also hope to pick up a few new skills along the way, specifically with public speaking and being on camera.

You may have noticed I’m also promoting my yerba mate business Matero because again why not! I suspect I’ll get many questions for drinking it on stream and could be a good marketing tool.

What I’m Playing

I love Elder Scrolls Online. You’ll find me most often playing this. It’s a fantastic game of exploration, friendly community, and easy game-play.

But I’m not limiting myself to a single game. I also love arcade classics (even built an arcade machine), fighting games, and a variety of other games.

Where You Can Find Me

You’ll find me live on Twitch and chatting on Discord. If you can, please do follow and join.


I bought all the gear to take this somewhat professionally and use for a variety of other work related tasks. I even made the large jump from MacOS to PC so I could properly play these games and stream on a powerful machine. I do still own a laptop (Linux machine) and will be traveling with that.

PC Specs


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