I Realized Why I Quit My Job

I’ve had a lot of time to think about why I quit my job in 2009. One of the main reasons was so that I could travel the world but what events ultimately led to me thinking that I needed something new in my life?

I worked there for two years and I can’t think of many things that I learned there that I helped me in the long-run. I got better at writing emails and learned about corporate culture. I usually tossed around the same papers and learned things that were all internal to the company. The skills I learned there were not very useful long-term and it didn’t allow room for learning new things.

So I realized recently what was really missing from my old job. It wasn’t that it was an office job or even that it was in a cubicle. It was that it didn’t allow for enough creativity or learning. I like to build, learn, and be social. None of those three things were in my previous job.

The nice thing about having a blog and working as a freelance programmer is that it allows for a lot of creativity and learning. I also get to meet many interesting and fun people from all over the world.

I realized that it wasn’t because I was in a corporate office that made it horrible. It was because the position itself didn’t fit my personalty. There was nothing interesting about the job so I found a way out and then I traveled the world.

I could be happy in an office again but at least now I know what to look for. I’ve learned that when the day does come when I’m back in an office,  I need to choose a job that will make me happy, inspire creativity, be social, and helps me grow and learn. I know that’s definitely in programming.

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