How to kill a snake (with your teeth)

In Ha Noi, Vietnam – I ripped the heart of a live beating snake with my teeth. This goes to down in history with eating balut and scorpions. It didn’t have any sort of taste at all. As I tried to chew on it, it had a gummy feel to it. It was like chewing on a steak that hasn’t been fully cooked. My teeth were covered in blood and as I swallowed, I took a nice big gulp of Vietnamese acid tasting rice wine.

Dinner was more snake and a hell of a lot more rice wine. Nothing went to waste as everything from the skin, bones, blood, and meat were eaten. Each separate dish was its own specialty. If fact, you’d never know you were eating snake. It was all delicious. The night continued on with multiple bottles of rice wine mixed with the snakes venom. It had a surprise kick to it in the end as we all headed back to our hostel singing, dancing, and being overly obnoxious to everyone around us that wasn’t part of our snake eating party.

I like Vietnam. They eat everything and I can relate to that.

Mission completed in February 2011. Sorry for the late article. I do have a video of this as well but the room ended up being too dark and we had no external light with us.

Playing with my food.
Playing with my food.

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