How I Make Money to Travel The World


I wish I could say that I had won the lottery to travel the world but the reality is I work pretty darn hard for my money. I work incredibly long shifts that can sometimes mean I’d earn more money working at McDonalds than what I do now. But I have this incredible freedom to live and work anywhere in the world. I set my own hours and attempt to balance work and life which is more difficult than you think when you work for yourself. So what do I do?

I’m a web developer.

Everything you see on this website here I’ve created using WordPress. It’s an incredible piece of software that is often used for blogging. It’s easy to use on its basic form but can be difficult when you start to want more of the advanced features.

I’ve been using WordPress for 6+ years and have learned quite a bit. In the last two years, I’ve been creating custom WordPress plugins, themes, and managing other clients sites. PHP (the programming language used by WordPress) is as fluent to me as English.

I started Art of Travel Blogging in 2011 to help others start their own travel blog. By January 2013, I combined forces with Travel Blog Success thus merging both of our contents and technical support. This helped me focus full-time on the technical side by offering Managed WordPress, Website Optimization, and other custom work for WordPress users.

Since the merger, our technical services have became so popular that I had to stop offering all advertising on this site. I didn’t have time to negotiate advertising rates and placements anymore. I had to focus solely on my programming and server administration. The technical services I offer are not exclusive to travel blogs either. I found that more than half of our revenue had been from referrals from others and many of them are not related to travel blogging.

I’ve helped maintain and code a variety of different projects and sites outside of TBS too. I’ve been coding for over 10 years and earned a reputation.

In the last couple months I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails (another programming language) intensively. On a daily basis you’ll find me reading documentation, watching programming videos, and taking online classes. I’m always studying so I can improve my skills and offer better quality services to my clients and create better products. I love learning and being creative.

If you want to make money online, sell something useful. Money won’t come to you, you have to seek it out.

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