Holiday Gifts For The Traveler at Home

Do you know someone that loves to travel as much as I do but they’re not traveling? Here’s a few random things I thought were great for gifts for travelers at home.

Giant Laminated World Map

Giant Map

Travelers love maps. We want to mark where we’ve been and where we want to go next. On a regular poster, you could only put pins and writing on it would be permanent. Having it laminated though allows you to use dry-erase markers.  With this map you can mark down trips with blue lines on where they’ve been and red for where they want to go. They could use green circles for their favorite places. Give a traveler a giant laminated world map and a few markers and I’m sure they’ll start drawing lines all over the place.

Price: $153.00

Italian Replica Globe Bar

Italian Replica Globe Bar

Open up a globe to unlock your favorite drink with a few glasses. It’s a bit fancy but I think it’s cool. It looks like something that would be in the movies.

Price: $189.00

Earth 3D Puzzle Ball

puzzle earth ball

I saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond and I thought it was so awesome. It comes with a stand and the globe can be spinned. The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly 5-stars for a jigsaw puzzle. Pretty good gift for young kids but I wouldn’t mind having one of these either.

Price: $23.99

Anything from Etsy

Searching for just world on Etsy gets a ton of really crafty art work and products. A lot of it is handmade. Recently I’ve had some issues with shipping taking way too long though. Don’t wait too long if you plan on purchasing from Etsy to come in time for the holidays.

Around The World Cookbooks

I don’t own one or know which ones are good but as far as I could tell, it looks like Sheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook is a good bet. Travelers love to eat new foods and this is a good way to learn to cook all those international dishes he or she has had around the world.

Or just buy them an airline ticket…

What would you add to this list?

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