Guachimontones Pyramids

About 45 minutes from the second largest city in Mexico are the Guachimontones Pyramids and appear to not be getting much attention at all.

In 2008 the archaeological site was put on the World Monuments Watch list of 100 Most Endangered Sites due to heavy looting in the area. It’s been several years since then so things may have changed dramatically. The clean and modern building and several employees throughout the park tell me there’s been some major funding in the area recently.

The site was discovered in 1970 but important research had only begun in 1996. It’s a relatively new site that doesn’t seem to be very popular despite it being a really cool place to visit.

You can visit as part of a day trip from Guadalajara. We drove there with our rental car from on our way to Puerto Vallarta which was a very easy drive with only a few minutes detour..

Entrance was inexpensive at only $30 MXN (~$2.30 USD) and even cheaper for students.

You only need about an hour to see the whole site. There’s only a few monuments and areas you could go to including a museum but it doesn’t take that long to see it all. There were many couples sitting on the top overlooking the view with a picnic which looked like a great idea had I known. I recommend staying at least a couple hours to take in the peaceful environment and views.

The town below is called Teuchitlán. There seems to have been some funding in the town square area as well with well-kept gardens and new looking street lamps and benches. Perhaps the tourists that come to visit the site are bringing in money to the town. There isn’t much to see in the town itself besides the pyramids so I don’t recommend staying in town for the night. There isn’t much for food options either but a few street vendors along the town square.

Unfortunately the Guachimontones Pyramids has no official website. Your best bet is to review the Wikipedia entry and look where it’s located on Google Maps.

Guachimontones Pyramids-2

Guachimontones Pyramids
An empty museum with plenty of information about the area. The museum itself was nice. Keep in mind all the information is in Spanish.
Ballgame Court
Ballgame Court
Circle II
The most well preserved pyramid and is the second largest out of the three.

Guachimontones Pyramids-9

Guachimontones Pyramids
Surrounding the pyramid
Guachimontones Pyramids
Smaller pyramid
Guachimontones Pyramids
The entire town of Teuchitlán.

Guachimontones Pyramids-17

Guachimontones Pyramids-18

Guachimontones Pyramids

Guachimontones Pyramids
On top of the largest pyramid overlooking the second largest pyramid. In the background you have the town of Teuchitlán.

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