Finding Traditional Pizza in Buenos Aires

Looking for the all star pizza in the country that takes Pizza serious? Los Inmortales is where you need to go. Opened in the 1940s, it is internationally famous bringing in movie stars, celebrities, and others from all over the world for many years. Some of the people who went were Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, as well as Latin American writers such as Evaristo Carriego, Leopoldo Lugones, Florencio Sánchez, Rubén Darío, and José Hernández. Pictures are displayed along the wall dating back many years of all the people who went. It’s elegant and traditionally styled restaurant which will not break your bank. The menu does not just only serve Pizza but they also have sandwiches, steaks, and more. A menu that will keep you coming back for more.

I ate the Los 4 Quesos pizza which was a very delicious 4 cheese pizza. There is one restaurant at city center and another one at La Recoleta. A pizza is between 33 and 55 Pesos for a Large (2 people) while a beer is about 10 pesos. Eat at one of Argentina’s best pizza’s for about 10USD. Not a bad deal at all!

Los Inmortales
Los Inmortales by rramirez, on Flickr

[question]Have you been there? How was your experience? Do you know of a better pizza place in BA?[/question]

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