Festivities in Tequila

We check into our hotel and as we go outside to explore the city to grab a bite a eat, the city welcomes us with a festival. These are the kind of events that makes traveling so great. They are spontaneous, unexplained, random, and fun.

I wasn’t able to get more information on why they were holding this event but I got a general idea of its purpose. There were several dancing groups each with their own style and from their own country. Many had flown from other countries to show the city of Tequila their dances and music.

They were all unique, fun, and interesting. The most energetic as you can imagine was from Brazil with their¬†carnival style costumes and high energy drums. Mexico had beautiful outfits and a questionable “chicken dance” where they danced like a chicken would.

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tequila mexico-5

tequila mexico-14

tequila mexico-2

tequila mexico-3

tequila mexico-6

tequila mexico-7

tequila mexico-8

tequila mexico-9

tequila mexico-10

tequila mexico-11

tequila mexico-12

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tequila mexico-15

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