Exploring Galapagos with Contiki

I had the amazing opportunity to tour Galapagos with Contiki. We dove with sharks, explored the islands, ate incredibly delicious meals, and learned about the animals and history of the Galapagos. I’ve already written a few articles on it and there’s still more to come. All of the activities and experiences were fantastic. But none of this would have been as fun if it wasn’t the new friends I made during the tour.

Everyone in our tour group was in media in some way. We had a professional surfer, videographers, models, TV hosts, radio hosts, photographers, and writers. None of us knew each other or even had heard of each other before this trip.

On our first day, we explored Quito before we flying to the Galapagos. As we were having dinner on our first night, I looked around at everyone at our table hearing the different conversations. It was as if everyone had known each other already. All of us immediately became friends.

Then what started as friends started to become more like a family.

Then it occurred to me what Contiki is unique for. Do me a favor and go look at Contiki’s website and Facebook page. What do you see in common? All of their pictures involve experiences with people, many of which are shots taken from their actual tours. They show life.

I like that they put attention into experiences, learning, and having fun rather than just taking you place to place.

[disclosure]I was on a comped Ecuador and Galapagos Island Hopper media tour with Contiki in exchange for coverage. I am never forced to write any review and will always and continue to write my honest true opinions so obviously these opinions are all my own.[/disclosure]

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