Do travel writers get laid more than the average person?

The life of a travel writer is a dream job to the outsiders while travel writers themselves may not think much of it. Most travel writers may have heard people say to them “Wow, that is so cool! So which countries have you been to?” as they widen their eyes in excitement. Not that kind of excitement (yet), that comes after I talk about my (heavily dramatized) travels around the world which leads to getting creative at the hostel. What makes a travel writer different from a cubicle corporate dweller in the sense of attraction? What’s with the attention? 2nd generation porn star? I wish.

The Stories

While I do feel sometimes I could be talking too much and I usually try to limit my stories so it doesn’t seem like I’m showing off, they always want to hear more. Having something to talk about takes away the boredom that perhaps a person with an office job may have. I can’t imagine someone getting a kick out of talking about coffee from their office.  Depending on the story you tell, it can create the type of personality you have and lead to wanting to know more about you. Talk about your volunteer work in Africa and you may have instantly turned on the switch to more talking as oppose to talking about coffee.

Travelers are generally easier to talk to

Especially backpackers, travel writers are easy to talk to. Staying in numerous hostels, hotels, tours, guest houses, meeting hundreds of people, and going to countless parties, you start to build stronger social skills which are essential on the road. Have you ever heard of a travel writer that doesn’t talk to people? With no fear to approach anyone from locals to tourist, this gets used even at home picking up any random conversation in any given situation to just about anyone. Shyness is just out the window as a travel writer.

More laid back

Things go wrong on the road and they happen often. Most of the time, when things to go wrong – there’s nothing we can do but to just continue to move forward and make the best of it. The ‘no complaining and whining’ attitude shows and people find it much more attractive if you show a positive one. Travelers can improvise the most amazing situations due to their natural relaxed state.


Personally, I have never met a travel writer that has said “I hate my job. I’m getting paid to travel all of Europe for a year and can’t wait till it’s over.” There are much more lucrative jobs than travel writing so were certainly not in it for the money. Does it provide happiness to me? It certainly does even knowing that I will likely never be rich being a travel writer. A smile goes a long way in the laws of attraction.

Fun, Adventurous, and Exciting

Travel writers are usually naturally adventurous willing to try new things just to get something good to write about. The attraction in this is the eternal youth state of mind. No matter the age, travel writers are out seeking something fun and exciting to do and share it with the rest of the world. Who wouldn’t want to be in bed with someone adventurous?

Exotic Lifestyle

How many travel writers do you really know making a living out of it? Likely not many, that is if you’re not a travel writer yourself. It’s more then just a career for many us because its also how we live. The out of the norm lifestyle can be seen as an attraction because to many it’s like winning at the game Life. Doing what just makes us happy and nothing stopping us. It’s an easy target for someone to look up to.

Career change anyone? Though I did create this for some humor, it does question if travel writers really are more interesting to talk to which in turn could be more attractive. It would be interesting if someone would perhaps do a study on this subject. Remember, if a hotel ever gives you any problems (Like when the maid knocks at your door for no apparent reason)  just say “Hey do you have any idea who I am? I’m a travel blogger.”  – well that may not actually work.

What’s your opinion? Do travel writers get the attention that leads to bed? Or are corporate well-to-do home owners getting more action? And the biggest question of the minute century, why?

As a side note: This whole thing is merely a joke. Don’t take this too serious.

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