Day of the Dead in Mexico

In Mexico the dead are celebrated. I’m afraid of death but in reality it’s a natural thing that happens to every human being. It cannot be escaped. So from October 31th till November 2nd, Mexico celebrates by praying and gathering to remember those that have died.

In Sayulita the center of town square is taken over with banners, alters, and parties. Each family or friend is assigned a section in the town square for them to put up an alter. Each alter is a dedication to a deceased person. Usually they have their favorite drinks, sports, clothing’s, fruits, and anything else they loved in their life. Most of them were recently deceased and apparently this last year has been more than usual so it was pretty packed. It’s important to keep in mind however that each town and region in Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead differently.

The town square was packed with people for the entire three days. At night there were several performances, concerts, dancing, and prizes. The party went on until around 3am each night.

Day of The Dead
One of my favorite alters.

Day of The Dead-3

Day of The Dead-4

Day of The Dead-5

Day of The Dead
An alter for all the dogs that passed away.

Day of The Dead-7

Day of The Dead-8

Day of The Dead-9

Day of The Dead
Many of the children dressed up and stayed up all night playing in the town square.

Day of The Dead-11

Day of The Dead
Street food is very popular during the celebration. Drinking on the street is also very common.

Day of The Dead-13

Day of The Dead
Kids singing a song about death.

Day of The Dead-15

Day of The Dead-16

Day of The Dead-17

Day of The Dead


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