South America

Things I Don’t Understand About Buenos Aires

It feels great to be back but there’s a few things that just never change and still gets to me a little bit. To me, they seem like easy fixes but perhaps there’s more to it than the way I’m understanding it.

Las Lajas Sanctuary in Ipiales, Colombia

In a small town on the border of Colombia and Ecuador is a beautiful enormous church called Las Lajas Sanctuary. It was built from January 1, 1916 to August 20, 1949 and looks more like a church out of Europe than South America with it’s massive neo-gothic look. Before 1916, it was a much smaller church and went through several phases before it became what it is today.

Volunteering at an indigenous village in Argentina

For three days, I volunteered at the Guarani indigenous village of Peruti in the province of Misiones, Argentina. This was with the same organization I was volunteering with in Buenos Aires. There’s about 1,000 people living in this village and with at least 300 to 400 children.

How Volunteering in Buenos Aires Accidentally Took Me Back to my Roots

From November 2009 to January 2010, I volunteered with a nonprofit organization in Buenos Aires, Argentina called L.I.F.E. I found them through Google but what I really found came back to me with a surprise. I was about to volunteer in an area where my mother had spent years growing up in and I had no idea.

Chivito: Uruguay’s Massive Sandwich

On the shore of Colonia del Sacramento, I ate a a sandwich bigger than what I could bite into. The massive sandwich had bacon, ham, olives, a thin filet steak, mushrooms, onions, eggs, mozzarella cheese, and mayonnaise. As Uruguay’s national sandwich, it’s called the Chivito.

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