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Eating The Worlds Most Dangerous Vindaloo

After nearly a month traveling around Bolivia, I cannot tell you how relieved I was to be in La Paz with more options of food than the usual chicken and rice that seemed so prevalent throughout Bolivia. The Star of India restaurant was recommended by a few hostel mates, listed in Lonely Planet, and popular for the worlds most dangerous Vindaloo.

Southeast Asia Bucket Ingredients

The legendary Southeast Asia Buckets; the backpacking trail just wouldn’t be the same without it. Perhaps for the same reason Goon is to Australia. Who knew the same bucket we used as children to build sandcastles with, would be used again to go into oblivion with on the other side of the world?

Chinese Baijiu: Traditional Alcohol

A visit to China isn’t complete without tasting Baijiu. Unofficially, it’s the national drink. The beverage is a Chinese distilled alcohol. The clear color can easily be mistaken for water (I’ve done that mistake before). At about 80 to 120 proof, or 40-60% alcohol by volume, it burns right through and you will feel every drop it going down.

Battle of the Best Ice Creams in Buenos Aires

I do in fact have a second stomach for dessert. Well not exactly but it does seem that way that no matter how full I may be, I always have enough room for dessert. My limits were tested in Buenos Aires, Argentina though. A simple walk down the city of Buenos Aires will get you passing down countless ice cream parlors. It’s extremely difficult to resist and normally I don’t want to resist anyway.

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