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Gelato University in Bologna

I attended a class at Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. Yes, this does exist and it’s a wonderful place. I may have eaten too much gelato too.

The Art of Roaming Cooking

It’s the backpackers dream ebook to cooking on the road. Easy to make recipes in your hostel with ingredients you can find almost anywhere.

Making Pizza in Rome

Made a super delicious pizza in Rome, Italy. How often do you read stories of someone cooking pizza while visiting Italy? Short history lesson on pizza too.

The Tuscan Food Experience

One of my favorite days while we were in Italy last fall was when we were recommended by Walks of Italy to take their farmhouse experience in Tuscany.

Why it’s impossible for you not to like chinese food

I hear it all the time in Argentina by the locals, “isn’t chinese food bugs and fish?” Do they really think 1.4 billion people are eating bugs? With thousands of years of history, that bugs are the only thing they can think of? Did they forget who brought the pasta to Italy that they are so much a fan of?

How to Party in a Restaurant in China

I like to eat and I like to drink – luckily China has been more than generous in both accounts. In China though, it’s a bit different than what I’m use to. I don’t think Ive ever drank so much in a restaurant before China.

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