It’s Okay To Not Know What You’re Doing

I taught English in Xi’an, China and I had no idea what I was doing. I walked into the university in China with almost nothing prepared. I just learned as I went along and got better at teaching as time went on.

Not Feeling Crazy

“My hope is that you or someone out there see’s my comment and relates to how I feel….I need to relate to people to feel grounded, and sane.”

How I Overcame My Fear

Today’s post is a special one. This one is coming from my 14 year old brother. He writes about his experience canoeing and how he overcame his fears.

I’m Not On Vacation

Three years ago today I left for Beijing, China to start my trip. Since then, I’ve been to 18 countries and lived at least a month in 5 of them. I saved roughly $15,000 before the start of the trip and have not worked in the US since then.

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