Introducing: Matero

As if I’m not already busy enough, I’m happy to announce a new business venture, Matero selling yerba mate. The name comes from the Spanish meaning which translate to someone who drinks mate. I grew up drinking yerba mate. I have happy memories of my family coming together and drinking …

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Introducing: Bologna Living

I remember talking to Jeremy Jones, founder of Living The Dream RTW, about his success with his new business Discover the Burgh while we were at TravelCon. Although it’s a new business, he has found success much faster by focusing on a niche local market. This is not a surprise …

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I took a break from travel blogging

I was sitting for dinner with a group of other travel bloggers in a fancy restaurant. Everyones food arrives. Can you guess what happens next around a group of travel bloggers? Phones and cameras. I’ve had my second bite before the first picture is taken. This is my life now.

My Best Friends Are Travel Bloggers

The friends I’ve made through the help of this blog know me better than the friends I had at home before I started blogging and traveling.

When Blogging Changes Your Life

Art of Backpacking turns two years old!

The first post went out on December 4th, 2008 with a simple picture of Grinnell Glacier Moraine. I was just testing the waters. Next was the ‘official’ first post by Teresa which was hardly a post. I had no idea what I was getting into and it started with really simple and lame articles. The site was hosted for free from a friend and we didn’t even have SEO friendly URL’s because the host didn’t have that functionality.

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