Being a Local in Berlin

“Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle and the history of, well, Berlin“ – Hiroshi Motomura UCLA Law Professor

berlin streets

I spent a week in Berlin and stayed in a beautiful apartment in east Berlin thanks to GoWithOh. Berlin has turned into one of my favorite cities in the world. The city has us considering moving there for a few months (probably after Italy and only during the summer because it gets crazy cold there in the winter).

In our apartment we had the wonderful Pete & Dalene (Hectic Travels) and Michael Hodson (Go,See,Write). Together we turned the apartment into the ultimate working place as if we had been living in Berlin for months. We got comfortable fast. Each morning we brewed our big pot of coffee and sprung up all our MacBook’s. It didn’t take us long to make a mess basically.

Berlin Apartment

For lunch, we would either eat in our apartment or go to our local kebab place. There was probably over a dozen of them within walking distance and apparently we lived close to the first original kebab place but we never did end up there. I may have ordered kebab far too often in Berlin but it’s so cheap and delicious. Currywurst was another favorite of mine with super hot sauce.

berlin kebab

For dinner we would either cooked a meal in our apartment or we would attempt to order delivery. The one time we ordered delivery we apparently ordered from a very popular restaurant and it took three hours for our food to arrive. We were starving but luckily with whatever snacks we had in our apartment and a few glasses of wine, we made it through.

east berlin

I really loved our apartment in Berlin. It felt like we had been living there for much longer than a week. I had gotten comfortable and I knew my way around so well just after a few days. We went to our local supermarket, cafe, bakery, and kebab place. The more I travel, the slower I travel. I’d prefer at this point to stay in cities for more than a week and really immerse myself in the cultural than saying for just a day or two.

[disclosure]Disclosure: GoWithOh provided us a complimentary apartment in exchange to share our experience with you. All opinions are my own.[/disclosure]

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