Beer Biking in Berlin

Peer pressure makes you do amazing things. Never would I have thought I would be on a bike that serves beer. I’ve seen them around in other cities but it never came across my mind to ride on them. It was Jennifer’s (Jdomb’s Travels) birthday and we were invited to go beer biking with her and some friends in Berlin. Turns out beer biking is actually a lot of fun.

We were with Pete of Hecktic Travels, Peter Parkorr of Travel Unmasked, Emma of Emma’s Travel Tales, Michael of Go, See, Write, Stephanie of Twenty-Something Travel, and of course the birthday girl Jennifer with her husband Tim (Jdomb’s Travels).

The activity was provided by Beer Bike Berlin.

Beer Biking in Berlin

Each side of the bike can hold 6 people totaling 12 people that can peddle. A few can fit in the back making it have enough room for 16 people. If you fill up all the seats, it makes it easier to peddle because there’s more power. The driver sitting up front is steering us and showing us around Berlin. He takes us to many of Berlin’s famous attractions for the next two hours.

The best part is of course the beer. The keg is up front in the barrel. As you peddle, you continue to serve yourself and get drunk. Unfortunately for the driver, he needs to stay sober. In my drunk state of mind, I told everyone we should drink faster so the bike weighs less which doesn’t really make sense since it’s just going into our system anyway.

If I’m going to drink, I need music. The bike is equipped with speakers and loaded with random fun 80’s and 90’s music. If you got an iPod, they can plug that in as well. We weren’t prepared so we just let them play whatever which was awesome because it was all classic fun tunes.

We laughed hysterically almost the entire time. We knew we looked ridiculous but that was the best part. Everyone watching us from the side was taking pictures of us, cars driving by had to take a second look, we cheered people on, and we had an amazing time. Yes, we were freezing but after peddling for awhile and drinking, it got warmer.

It’s €299 .00 per group and if you split that with 12 people, it comes out to only close to €25 a person. It’s €4.5 per litre of beer too. More info here.

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Want to learn more? Jdomb Travels also has a review up of Beer Bike Berlin.

[question]Would you do this? Or have you done it before in Berlin or other cities?[/question]

[disclosure]The activity was provided by Beer Bike Berlin. The activity was comped and we paid for our drinks. All opinions are my own, obviously.[/disclosure]

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