Battle of the Best Ice Creams in Buenos Aires

I do in fact have a second stomach for dessert. Well not exactly but it does seem that way that no matter how full I may be, I always have enough room for dessert. My limits were tested in Buenos Aires, Argentina though. A simple walk down the city of Buenos Aires will get you passing down countless ice cream parlors. It’s extremely difficult to resist and normally I don’t want to resist anyway.

With dozens of flavors to choose from in most of these places, it’s like a mission. It becomes even more difficult on those late night drunk craves (from experience). There is one flavor however that is hard to go wrong in Buenos Aires and that is the Dulce de Leche. The milk caramel flavor will have you in a daze of amazing-ness. From Dulce de Leche, you then have several more choices from Granizado, Brownie, Bonbon, and more. Regardless of the flavor you choose, you’ll have a sense of the richness of Argentina’s dairy. Thanks to the Italian immigrants that came to Buenos Aires, you’ll have a rich creamy and more milky ice cream compared to other parts of the world. Less air, more milk, and more eggs, sets you in for a high density addictive ice cream just like the Italians gelato.

Un Altra Volta in Buenos Aires
He was confused why we were taking a picture of him. See that bucket of ice cream? That was hardly enough.

With so many parlors to choose from, you’ll have different opinions of which are the best heladerías in Buenos Aires. Creating this post is absoltely killing me to be honest because my absolute favorite was at Un Altra Volta combining several different flavors in a whole bucket. Nothing else compares. Say that to a Freddo fantastic and they’ll argue your ears off how there’s is the best. Close favorite to Un Altra Volta is the many local ice cream parlors I found just walking and discovering the city. Most were usually outside of the big city that I found to be the best.

Un Altra Volta in Buenos Aires
That would be me taking forever to choose a flavor.

Have you had the ice creams / gelatos of Buenos Aires? What would you concider the best? Comment which flavor you liked best as well. Vote on it!

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