Bangkok for New Year’s Eve

This is for my Weekly Travel Update. I’m a little behind so I posted twice this week.

This is my third time back in Bangkok and I’m still not tired of it. I met up with Stephanie and her friend Liz at the airport as I arrived too. They had just come back from a camper van trip for two months in Australia. I was their tour guide for the first few days while I remembered all there was to do in Bangkok. Mostly aimless walking which is so easy to do in Bangkok. We were preparing ourselves for the bigger night out for New Years Eve though I did seem to forget how dangerous a bucket can be on one of our first night out. Puking on the streets of Koh San Road is not a good look but considering the type of parties that street has, I wasn’t the only one.

Thai Buckets

For New Years Eve at 7pm, we were to meet up with @adventurouskate and @radicalify at Phranakorn Bar & Gallery to celebrate with. Before that though, we had to get to the southern bus terminal to buy a ticket to leave for Phuket on the 2nd. We were told it was best to buy the tickets early because of the peak season. We took the first taxi we saw and had no idea how far the station was or how much it should be to get there. As 50% of our taxi drivers are in Bangkok, he was dishonest and decided to take us on a tour. The meter ended up costing us over 450Baht with a very long ride. It should have been under 200Baht.

Koh San Road, Thailand New Years Eve

After purchasing our tickets, it was 5pm and we had to rush out of there to make sure we made it back in time for the meet-up. We realized however that we didn’t carry enough money with us to properly celebrate the night. We decided it was best that I went to the restaurant while Stephanie and Liz went back to the hostel to pick up extra cash for the night. I had a hard time finding the place but eventually did and in time. Stephanie and Liz however weren’t so lucky. It was two hours of wandering around hoping to bump into them because I was really starting to get worried. I knew they were having the same difficulty as I was finding the location of the place. I eventually got a phone call on my cell of them calling me from an internet cafe on Skype asking me where the hell the place was. We made a meeting point and all was well again. It was now 9pm and we can finally eat dinner and start drinking. To keep myself from being killed, I waited an hour to tell my girlfriend that I told her so on bringing a cell phone on her travels. ;)

Koh San Road, Thailand New Years Eve

After a few drinks on the rooftop, we went to to Khao San Road with several buckets. From there on out, we partied the night away with hundreds of people on the streets. In every direction there were buckets of alcohol, fireworks, strings, sirens, confetti, and people dancing. At some point, it took me a minute to really put it all together where I was (not because of the alcohol) because even through all the hassles of travel, I couldn’t possibly feel any more graceful for the traveling lifestyle and what it will bring in 2011.

Koh San Road, Thailand New Years Eve

Koh San Road, Thailand New Years Eve

It was really awesome to finally get to meet @adventurouskate. She’s a fun girl and I’m glad to have partied with her to bring in 2011. We’re keeping the party going in Vietnam hopefully. Glad to have met @radicalify as well. They’re great people.
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