Adding Humor To Your Travel Photography

I have thousands of pictures of me standing in front of moments, landscapes, and buildings from my travels. Since I’m backpacking, I don’t have much of a selection of clothes. They look as if I’ve been standing in front of a blue screen changing the scenery on Photoshop. It get boring after awhile. What about the people you meet, the partying, and random encounters? These moments need to be captured.

When appropriate, I think it’s important to add some funny to your pictures. I like to express what I’m feeling and what I’m doing in my pictures. Entertain your family and friends at home that it’s more than just the scenery that you’re discovering.

Buenos Aires, Argentina for Bomba De Tiempo

Buenos Aires, Argentina for Bomba De Tiempo. There’s a vendor selling burrito’s outside the venue. He brings his hat every week and I know this because I was a frequent customer of his. I’m also drinking on the streets to prepare to drink more inside the venue.


Great Ocean Road, Australia

Great Ocean Road, Australia wondering what animal that is on the sign.


Marine Life: Exploring Our Seas

Marine Life: Exploring Our Seas Museum in Melbourne, Australia. I didn’t taste good.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This was at a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia mall. I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to promote but there was a whole range of clothing and a photographer taking pictures of them. I asked if I could join which led me putting on the tightest shirt possible, scarf, and the beautiful wig. I look pretty good in that outfit. Think I could pull this off on a regular basis?


misiones argentina

I never met kids more excited to take pictures than them. Volunteering in Misiones, Argentina.


Iguazu, Argentina

Randomly stumbled upon this wonderful group in Iguazu, Argentina. Take a closer look at the picture. Females are males and males are females. Not a clue why.

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