7 Things You Do Backpacking That You Should Do At Home

Eventually most of us need to settle somewhere for work and make a home for ourselves. Your travels become memories shared with our family and friends about the journey you had. Then comes the full time work, bills, and other responsibilities you had to never worry about while traveling. As more days pass by, you might get back to your old habits that you had before you traveled. There are some things though that should never be forgotten and should continued to be used in your home from your travels.

1. Less is more – Don’t buy things you don’t need.

While backpacking you only carry what you can hold on a single backpack. A similar rule should be used at home. Be smart about your buying decisions as you were traveling.

2. Continue to be adventurous

Remember all the weird foods you ate abroad but it actually tasted pretty good? Well do the same at home. Try new foods. Look for new places to go to in your own home town. Find out what backpackers are doing in your area. For example if you enjoyed diving, continue the hobby back at home. Though it might be more expensive, take small trips every now and then.

3. Talk to strangers

While traveling you’re not nervous at all to wave, say hello, and catch a conversation with just about anyone. Same should be done at home. Traveling may now have opened you up socially so this should be easier now for you.

4. Willingness to deal with the unexpected

Goodbye Troubles
Goodbye Troubles by Ben Heine

Things go wrong backpacking and they happen often, it’s part of travel. There are many moments we simply can’t control or do anything¬† about. No one to file a complain to and yelling will just make the whole situation worse so what do we do? We let it be and continue on our days. Eventually it works out. Our calmness and willingness to deal with the unexpected is part of our nature in travel. Miss the bus? It’s alright, we’ll just get the next one. Take this relaxed nature of yours home with you.

5. Learn a new language as you said you would

You’ve now figured out how to say hello and thank you in a few languages plus some extra ones. I’ve heard countless times many people wanting to take a new language course when they get home but end up not doing it. No matter which career path you’re taking, it will be beneficial career wise and socially.

6. Stay internationally educated

Since there are so many people from different parts of the world in hostels, it’s easy to learn about their culture through them. Continue the education and read through books, forums, blogs, etc about the world. Couchsurfing.org hosts events to all travelers, expats, and locals in different parts of the world, find out if there’s one in your area and get together with travelers passing by your area.

You’ve become more aware of the world around you then just your home town during your travels. Don’t glue yourself on local news at home, find out what’s happening on the other side of the world as well.

How many countries, capitals, and locations can you name off the top of your head?

7. The journey never ends

Now that you’ve traveled, why end the journey? Continue the journey state of mind. Directly quoted from a friend of mine “I always find I’m most inspired when I’m away from home, it helps to put things and feelings into perspective and gives you a greater sense of adventure in life…hold onto to those feelings for as long as possible!”. Live every moment and continue¬†to be yourself as you were traveling.

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